Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Wild ProverbialMayhem Post Appears!

Wow, craziest thing just happened. So I'm sitting around, going about my day like a normal person, and then WHOOMPH - I'm sucked through a wormhole and suddenly it's like, a month in the future. So uhmmm...that's why there have been no new posts. Crazy how those wormholes work, huh?

Anyone who says that I was simply being lazy obviously has no understanding of science.
Right, so...let's see what I can talk about here. Few brief updates from the last month:

Remember how I was single last time you read this? Yeah that didn't change.

I've joined a new a cappella group on campus so the sultry sweet sound of my melodious voice can make musical love to your eardrums on a regular basis.

The weather in northeastern Pennsylvania is an absolute troll. It taunts me with the sight of green (or at least dull brown) and then yanks away any thought of spring with an icy fist. I mean, COME ON.

And also this happened:

That it is ladies, and gentlemen. It's all over. The best song has been written and nothing in the world will ever be this good again. We, as a society, have reached our peak and it's only a matter of time until we're just savages watching the man with the crookit spoon gouge eyes out at Sloosha's Crossin'. (Bonus points to you if you can name what I just referenced.)

Seriously though, I need to talk about this for a minute. No, the song is not good. It's quite badly written. HOWEVER, this does NOT mean that anyone, anywhere, ever, has a right to hate this poor girl. She didn't even write the damn thing.

I can't stand that trait in people. No, you don't hate Justin Beiber, you don't even know him. You wouldn't kill him if you had the chance, so stop saying that you would. Rebecca Black should NOT cut herself because you don't like her song. Seriously? The only two reasons you can really have for saying something like this are:

A) you're jealous that they're successful at such a young age
B) You're a horrendous, psychopathic human being who sadistically harms others for enjoyment.
C)You're jumping on the band wagon because someone from either choice A or B started this trend and now you want to be part of that crowd.

If it's A, well then get over yourself. Sometimes people get lucky, sometimes they deserve their fame. But look, these people did nothing against you personally so stop saying that you HATE these people. You wouldn't say that to any random stranger on the street, so afford these people the same courtesy.

If it's keep doing what you're doing but stay away from my house.

Likely it's C though. I don't really know what to say to people that do this other than what I said for A. You don't hate these people. If any of you met Rebecca Black in the street I highly doubt that you would look her in the eye and tell her that she's the worst singer you've ever heard, and that you hate her with the fury of a thousand suns. So...maybe stop saying that.

And now my first post in a month or so has turned into a boring rant about a trivial yeah. For those of you that begged for an update, taste the fury of my scorn! Anyway, I'm going to try to get back into the writing groove so be on the lookout for more posts! Woo!

This is a blobfish. Now my post is funny again. =D
P.S. - Huh, interesting. I was just setting the publishing settings for this post when I realized that it will be going up on March 24th. That's my birthday. Didn't even realize that until I wrote this. Well, then, this is a birthday present from me to you guys! Happy birthday to me, from me, to you!


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Also, with the RB thing. I think the song is absolutely terrible and the way she pronounces Friday in the song grates on my nerves to the max, but I agree that people shouldn't be hating on her. It's the song that sucks not her. I saw her appearance on Good Morning America and her little sing song of the American national anthem was actually ok. I felt so bad for her when she said people made her cry. Poor kid.

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Christine Suders said...

Welcome back to the blogging world!!

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